Navyug Namdhari Eco Drive

ISO 9001:2015 Certified | Smeta 4-Pillar Certified Factory

About us

NNE is a story of vision, dedication, and a passion to innovate. Our story began with a vision and mission aligned with the intelligentsia that founded NNE. From the outset our objective has been to deliver an unparalleled experience to leading global brands by integrating futuristic technology into our bicycles. We achieve this through extensive research, planning, and design, cultivating a growing list of prestigious clients and collaborations with industry-leading global brands.

Set in the scenic landscape of locale India we have three operational plants with an upcoming bicycle manufacturing facility in progress, with a combined area that spans over 6500 Sq. meter. 

With a legacy spanning over seven decades and millions of bicycles, we are committed to building a future anchored in smart, sustainable, and innovative solutions. These principles form the bedrock of our capabilities, enabling us to create bicycles that will endure for generations while proudly embodying India’s essence.

As we take strides towards a future of autonomy as a major bicycle manufacturer, NNE is dedicated to supporting renowned international brands that cater to the burgeoning mobility industry. Our extensive R&D has helped NNE to extend its growing list of clients continuously, brands that are leading players in the bicycle industry and have continued to partner with us on our journey of growth on a global scale.


We aim to create a platform that addresses every customer requirement, positioning ourselves as one of the premier entities in the mobility industry. Our primary focus is to help customers achieve their business goals through innovation-driven growth, all while incorporating sustainable technology at our core.


Our mission is centered around placing India at the forefront of the global mobility sector. We strive to achieve each milestone that propels us closer to this objective, firmly establishing India’s position on the world map alongside other leading countries in the mobility industry.



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