Navyug Namdhari Eco Drive

ISO 9001:2015 Certified | Smeta 4-Pillar Certified Factory



The manufacturing starts when a design specialist from the technical department designs and creates a trend setting model, at the same time follows the client specifications and SOPs for bicycle designs. The designer does the product validation by virtual stimulation & perform DFMEA activity & then moves to 3D prototyping. Only after successful validation the model moves for production & tooling of the same is designed, made in-house, using latest technology.

The Endurance and Quality tests of random bikes, prototypes and special components done in our well-equipped lab and certified testing facilities with latest tools and advanced technology, making us one of the coveted manufacturers not just in India but internationally as well. 

Tube preparation begins after collating the raw materials, followed by polishing, cutting, punching, bending & various other processes. As we follow Lean manufacturing process, there are quality gates at the end of each line ensuring an error free product for next operation. Final frame welding is carried out using our proprietary Industry 4.0 solution, wherein a unique Identity number is embedded in to every frame, it is scanned at every station, thus allowing us to capture data (Such as welding parameters, quality & efficiency). All operators are assigned to a machine which is already connected to our servers, enabling us to capture & store the data up till 10 years. Live data of the same can be accessed remotely.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Processes: From Design to Endurance Testing

Our manufacturing journey commences with our talented design specialists in the technical department, who conceptualize trend-setting models while adhering to client specifications and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for bicycle designs. Thorough product validation is conducted through virtual stimulation and DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) activities, leading to 3D prototyping. Only upon successful validation, the model progresses to production, with in-house tooling designed using the latest technology.

To ensure exceptional quality, endurance, and precision, we subject random bikes, prototypes, and special components to rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art laboratory and certified testing facilities equipped with cutting-edge tools and advanced technology. These stringent tests not only uphold our reputation as a coveted manufacturer in India but also internationally.

The tube preparation phase begins by carefully gathering the raw materials and polishing, cutting, punching, bending, and other meticulous processes. As lean manufacturing advocates, we incorporate quality gates at the end of each line, ensuring error-free products for subsequent operations.

Our final frame welding process employs our proprietary Industry 4.0 solution, incorporating a unique identification number embedded into every frame. This number is scanned at each station, enabling us to capture crucial data such as welding parameters, quality, and efficiency. All operators are assigned to machines seamlessly connected to our servers, facilitating the collection and storage of data for up to 10 years. This live data can also be remotely accessed, allowing for real-time insights and analysis.

At every stage of our manufacturing process, we embrace innovation and cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior bicycles that meet the highest performance, durability, and precision standards.


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