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Forging a Path of Peace, Justice, and Collaboration for Sustainable Progress

We are constantly on a look out for partnering with businesses and associates who share similar goals and ethics. People we employ, fellow manufacturers, suppliers who we onboard for any assistance with the business are chosen basis certain values and virtues. NNE constantly aims to contribute towards green peace as an environmentalist approach and we only want look forward to associate with law-abiding people & follow ethical business practices. 

We strive to improve their experience of associating with us and make it a pleasant one, by laying down policies, regulations that aren’t too stringent and mechanical. Our people-oriented approach allows everyone to carry out business partnerships and long-term or short-term associations with us, seamlessly. Make amendments towards adding value to the contributions we make towards improving mother nature and thereby redefining our environment with lowering carbon footprints, conserving water resources and promote all things natural. 

We constantly strive to find solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. Our goal is to partner with people who are working towards this common goal of ensuring the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity. 

At NNE, we believe in the power of collaboration. We seek to partner with businesses and associates who share our values and ethics. Whether it’s our employees, manufacturers, or suppliers, we carefully choose individuals and organisations that share the principles and virtues that we hold close to our hearts.

We actively seek to collaborate with people that abide by the law and adhere to ethical business practices whilst striving to ensure that their association with us is both positive and pleasant by implementing regulations and policies that are flexible. 

Embracing Sustainable Practices: Empowering Responsible Consumption and Production

NNE has taken acute interest in educating farmers in the vicinity, with specialized programs, teach them how to implement modern farming practices to aid them with increasing financial rewards, resulting in considerable surge in soil fertility and depleting water levels. Educate them to strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding, et all, that progressively improve land and soil quality. 

NNE has been continuously indulging in water harvesting to reuse the water that is being consumed in the Paint Plant, the annual consumption was lowered from 2.70 million ltr. to 0.13 million ltr. This alone has contributed to non-consumption of water, thus being available to the communities of the defined geographies. In a long-term plan to contribute towards the depleting water levels due to over-extraction of groundwater and faulty cropping practices, NNE also is striving to considerably increase the capacity of Water Recycling which is presently done at 5%. 

We believe in the importance of ensuring a sustainable future, and we take our responsibility to mother nature very seriously. We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, particularly when it comes to water conservation. We have implemented effective measures, such as water harvesting, to reuse the water consumed in our Paint Plant. Through these efforts, we have successfully reduced our annual water consumption from 2.70 million liters to a mere 0.13 million liters. This significant reduction conserves water and ensures its availability to the communities in the surrounding areas.

Understanding the urgent need to address the depletion of water levels caused by excessive groundwater extraction and unsustainable agricultural practices, NNE has developed a long-term plan to contribute to this cause. As part of this plan, we are dedicated to substantially increasing our Water Recycling capacity, which is currently at 5%. By implementing advanced recycling techniques, we aim to further reduce our water footprint and positively impact the environment.

NNE remains committed to sustainable practices that safeguard our precious water resources and support the well-being of local communities. Through our ongoing efforts, we strive to set a new benchmark for responsible water management in the industry.


We only associate with people who like us, are on a mission with a clear vision to make the planet greener and peaceful. Over the years, we have been successfully working tirelessly and passionately to break new grounds to change the current environmental & ecological issues that need immediate attention. 

Redefining Water Conservation and Transforming Farming Practices

The primary reason for extraction of groundwater is for agricultural purposes, particularly for water- intensive crops such as wheat and rice. About 60 to 70 per cent of the total cultivated land in Punjab is under wheat-rice cultivation.

The world is facing big challenges today, with issues like poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change are just some of the issues that needs immediate attention. The team of visionaries heading NNE, unanimously are set in the right direction to achieve one common goal. 

The extraction of groundwater for agricultural purposes, especially for water-intensive crops like wheat and rice, remains a primary contributor to the depletion of water resources. In Punjab, approximately 60 to 70 per cent of cultivated land is dedicated to wheat-rice cultivation, further exacerbating the issue.

Considering the pressing global challenges we face today, including poverty, hunger, inequality, and climate change, it is crucial that we take immediate action. Our team of visionary leaders at NNE is united in their commitment to steer us towards a common goal.

Our mission is to redefine water conservation practices and transform obsolete farming methods. By addressing the excessive reliance on groundwater for agriculture, we aim to pioneer sustainable solutions that mitigate water scarcity and promote ecological balance. We understand that water conservation and responsible farming practices are essential for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly and passionately to implement changes that will positively address climate issues. At NNE we actively seek out individuals and organisations who are working towards the common goal of preserving and nurturing the Earth’s ability to sustain life in all its beautiful diversity. 

Through innovative strategies and collaborative partnerships, we work to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. By reimagining how we conserve water and reform outdated farming practices, we can help contribute to a world where poverty and hunger are alleviated, inequality is reduced, and the impacts of climate change are mitigated.

Join our team of visionaries today on this transformative journey working towards a common goal that prioritises the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. United, we can overcome these challenges and achieve one common goal.

Confronting the Environmental Crisis: Stubble Burning Unleashes High CO2 Emissions

Stubble burning or crop residue burning released 149.24 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), over 9 million tonnes of carbon monoxide (CO), 0.25 million tonnes of oxides of sulphur (SOX), 1.28 million tonnes of particulate matter and 0.07 million tonnes of black carbon. These directly contribute to environmental pollution, and are also responsible for the haze in Delhi and melting of Himalayan glaciers. 

NNE with usage of renewable & sustainable resources like, Solar energy, as of now operates on 35% with an aim to make it 50% in near future. Renewable energy solutions are becoming cheaper, more reliable and more efficient every day. Our current reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable and harmful 

to the planet, which is why we have to change the way we produce and consume energy. NNE also contributes offset 250Kg of Co2 reversal (solar+ reuse of rubber) / Day

Stubble burning, also known as crop residue burning, significantly contributes to environmental pollution. Burning crop residues releases a staggering number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To put it into perspective, this practice results in the release of 149.24 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), over 9 million tons of carbon monoxide (CO), 0.25 million tonnes of sulphur oxides (SOX), 1.28 million tonnes of particulate matter, and 0.07 million tonnes of black carbon. These emissions contribute to air pollution and have far-reaching consequences, such as the haze in Delhi and the melting of Himalayan glaciers.

At NNE, we recognise the urgent need to combat this environmental challenge. That’s why we are committed to leveraging renewable and sustainable resources to reduce our carbon footprint. Currently, we operate on 35% solar energy, and our goal is to increase it to 50% in the near future. Renewable energy solutions are continuously advancing, becoming more cost-effective, reliable, and efficient. We must shift away from our reliance on fossil fuels, which are detrimental to the planet and its ecosystems.

Empowering Our Workforce: Fostering Growth, Security, and Well-being at NNE

An environment conducive for a 1000+ strong workforce to become proficient on all levels and grow with NNE, without having to worry about job security. Each employee has a career graph, 

Based on the gap between their performance and improvement, specialised training for technical upgradation as well as soft skills improvement, psychological analysis, to address any stress points arising or developing while on the job and facilitates trainings accordingly. 

At NNE, we cultivate an environment that enables our 1000+ strong workforce to excel on all levels and confidently advance in their careers. Our priority is to provide a supportive atmosphere where employees can focus on their professional growth without worrying about job security.

We believe in the importance of personalised development, which is why each employee at NNE has a career graph. Through ongoing performance evaluations, we identify areas for improvement and bridge the gap between their current performance and desired growth. 

Our approach includes specialised training programs that cater to technical upgradation and the enhancement of soft skills. Moreover, we conduct psychological analysis to proactively address any stress points during employment, ensuring a harmonious work experience.

By facilitating tailored training initiatives, we empower our workforce to reach their full potential and succeed in their roles. At NNE, we are committed to fostering professional excellence and providing a secure foundation for our employees’ professional journeys.

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